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Examples of previous work I have carried out.

Rewire and new consumer unit in Holiday rental.

Asked by the owners to carry out an EICR, we found that the cable insulation had deteriorated and was oozing "green goo" and the consumer unit was incorrectly fitted.

The opportunity was grasped to install lots of new socket outlets in all the rooms, a new ring final and new lighting circuit installed along with a new SPD protected RCBO consumer unit.

All new bonding to gas and water pipes and this job is fully compliant with the current regulations, and will be fit to use for the next 30 years and more.

Green goo on 1970s cable
Old wiring showing "green goo" leaking from cables
Junction box filled with degrading  1970s cable
Old junction box with "green goo"
New RCBO ffusebox being fitted
New consumer unit fitted
New sockets being chased into the wall
Chasing out for new sockets
Partial re-wire and new consumer unit in Old Victorian house

This old house had had nothing done to it for at least 40 years, and was in desperate need of having the electrics brought up to date, with modern levels of protection.

As is common in older houses, there was no earth in the lighting circuits, so a partial rewire of the lighting circuits was carried out, lots of bodge additions to the ring mains were dealt with, and a new consumer unit with a SPD and RCBO's was fitted.

Old wooden backed wylex fusebox
Interior of old fusebox
Old existing wooden fusebox
lighting circuit junctionbox
Old junction boxes in loft,
no earths connected!
new cabling for lighting circuit with earths connected
Earths being connected and other faults corrected and partial rewire of lighting circuit
New RCBO fusebox consumer unit
New isolator and fusebox fitted
EICRs carried out in a private residential lets.

People often wonder why they should go to all the bother and expense of having their wiring checked over, and hopefully these pictures will tell you why you should.

  • A broken socket front exposing the live metal terminals in reach from a child's bed,

  • an electric shower with no earthing to it,

  • another shower held together with duct tape, 

  • loose terminals,

  • Wires dropped out of switch and socket faceplates,

  • overheating cables,

  • no bonding onto the gas or water pipes,

  • Old VIR cable with insulation dropping off.

There is no legal obligation to have an inspection carried out in your own home, but I would recommend one if you have moved into a house, just so you know what is lurking in the wiring system.

broken socket faceplate under childs bed
duct tape on electric shower
VIR cable in still live installation
Broken socket front under child's bed!
Old VIR cable - Still in use throughout the house!
Shower held together with tape!


Live terminals behind tape

Live terminals behind the tape! A definite fail.

Hidden cable behind downpipe

Cable to outside office hidden behind downpipe

New RCBO fusebox being fitted

New consumer unit fitted

Schneider consumer unit

New MCB fitted for EVCP - Before upstream RCDs became mandatory

chasing out plastered up

Chasing out for new sockets plastered back up

Conduit for water pipe earth bonding in bathroom

Conduit for water pipe bonding

Fusebox RCBO consumer unit being fitted

New consumer unit going in

Erath rod pit for remote outbuildings

Earth rod pit for remote sheds

Shower isolation switch

The cut off wire was still live for an old shower feed!

EV charge point

New Zappi EVCP fitted

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