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Are your Electrics in your Garage looking anything like this?

Have you moved in to a new property, or do you shudder when you have to go into the garage and plug the lawnmower in? This garage had been like this for years, long before the current owner bought the property, but upon inspection of the whole house and outbuildings, found there was no earth to the fuse board with the sockets "wired into", and live wires sticking out of a hole in an unused switch box. Deadly comes to mind. All made safe, an earth provided for the sockets and re-wired, and the lights made safe. Phew!

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Excellent service from start to finish..

Excellent service from start to finish for lots of extra sockets being put in and new bathroom spots. Tim kept me informed of progress and tidied up after. On time and reliable, highly recommended.


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